August 13th, 2020

Poem of the day

I've been sharing poems here for a couple of weeks.

It was no more than an experiment, much like the quotes that I did for a while.

I've decided to gently retire them and instead (not daily) to share my poems. And, yes, I know that sounds a little grand when I say 'my poems', but I feel I need a new outlet to share my poetry however and whenver that shows up. I used to do a similar thing on Tumblr but I've stopped showing up there simply because I don't get the constant 'recommended people' that I'm supposed to follow. One or two is fine but not a few hundred over the course of a week.

As regards my inspiration for my words and musings, it's hard to put my finger on things but nature, work, life -- lots of that -- and relationships are most certainly in the mix.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Blessings, Ju.

Navel gazing

navel-gazing — The act of excessively focusing on one's personal problems or concerns, to the exclusion of other people or other issues.

If this definition is correct, I appear to be a triple gold medalist.

I'm not ashamed. In fact, I only wish I'd gone inwards much sooner. 

I understand and appreciate there's a fine line between navel gazing and narcissism but why do we (as so often appears the case) dismiss any attempt to get to the root of things? 

What is it that we're afraid of — truly, deeply?

Rather than (again) making this post too self-referential, let me pray in aid a less ethereal proposition, namely the dysfunctional workplace.

I couch it in those terms because I can't think how else to explain an environment that should exist as much for our development, enjoyment and love of our craft but, instead, ends up being an altar for a few, select people to make great gobs of money. (Not all businesses come with this ticket but "greed is good" still appears rampant across the sectors I've had the misfortune to apply my trade.)

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