June 14th, 2020

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A quiet space

Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash
Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash
The Tao seems nonexistent,
but it is the basis of existence.  The universe, the earth, and everything in it
comes from existence,
but existence comes from nonexistence.
— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching (p. 40), Ancient Renewal, Kindle Edition

Good morning. 

I slept a little better but not great. 

I'll be fine — no really. I've been here before; I'll take it easy today, although I do fancy a wild swim on Dartmoor (daughter #3 will be up for it — she always is).

The above title and picture is no accident. It's where I'd love to be now — or a Devon equivalent. You see, I'm missing the silence of early lockdown. 

No, I'm really missing it. 

I can't say everything's back to normal but as soon as I step outside, BOOM, there it is! That infernal, torrid background noise, cars everywhere (the air smells dirty) and it's like nothing ever happened.

Sorry, that makes me sound so miserable. But I can't help feel that my soul is not equipped to withstand the tyranny of another onslaught of noise, pollution and doing — or not for very long.

What do I mean?
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