June 11th, 2020

Endlessly seeking

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Good morning.

It's raining in Devon; I don't mind — nor do the plants or Alfie! But it will make taking photos (my one picture a day) difficult. I'll do my best.

So here's the thing. It seems we're never happy. Sorry, I don't know that in absolute terms, but if I look around me, there's this constant tension between how life is and how (very often) we expect it to be.

To put it more simply, something's always missing.

Too much stress; not enough calm. Too much anger; not enough solemnity. Too much frustration; not enough relaxation. Too much month; not enough money!

It shows up everywhere — at home, in work and in our relationships.

As I explained the other day, my previous methodology to rid myself of the incessant angst was to read books on positive thinking or mindfulness or (sometimes — but not too often) 'success'. I could give you the titles and authors but I'll refrain for now. Needless to say, at least for me, despite some temporary respite from my lizard brain, they did nothing more than drive me on to the next new thing.

Seeking, seeking, seeking. I was exhausted.

And now. 

A thought is here and then passes away. Everything passes away, whether you like it or not. That is what Heraclitus meant—that’s two quotes from the old boy today—when he famously remarked, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” — Robert Saltzman, The Ten Thousand Things
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