May 27th, 2020

We're only human

Photo by Vladimir Malyutin on Unsplash
Photo by Vladimir Malyutin on Unsplash

I hope this isn't too random or too obscure.

If it is, I apologise in advance.

We're human. 

That means (and speaking personally) we think — constantly.

And stories, emotions and feelings emerge. 

The waters are choppy at the best of times, but there's a strong inclination to avoid the crappy thoughts (or shove them down) and savour or encourage the good ones. 

If that's not your experience, fine, but when I was growing up, no one explained to me that thinking was part of the human condition, how it might then operate over the course of my life and that it's a random affair, despite repeatedly being told that the apogee of life was to be (constantly) happy. And I clearly bought into this. Remember, one of the first personal development books I ever bought was "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Can you imagine it? Thinking yourself rich! It's positively chortle-worthy.

One other thing that's rarely discussed is that we live in a subject (us)/object (everything else) world — i.e. it's dualistic. Imagine, though, removing the subject just long enough to opine upon the thing that previously we took for granted. 

Take something as obvious as the things we see — e.g. clouds, the moon, the sun and all things in nature. Absent us, you might argue that there's just..., err..., well..., something, but you can't evince any labels. 

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