May 1st, 2020

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My meditation

Photo by Sorin Cicos on Unsplash
Photo by Sorin Cicos on Unsplash
"A world of dew,
And within every dewdrop
A world of struggle."
-- Kobayashi Issa

Good morning.

It's the end of the working week. Perhaps it's me, but one day feels like the rest — a Monday could be a Saturday and a Sunday a Wednesday.

I'm here again, early.

Is this my new normal? If I'm forced to return to the office — the Gods are massing in that direction (I've not yet had my heart-to-heart) — I hope I can continue the same routine; it's something I enjoy, knowing that creatively I'm being (oh, how I hate the word) productive. I should just say, I'm managing to write and leave it at that.

My meditation.

What of it?

Well, of late, and as part of my walk with Alfie (Alf), I've taken to spending a period of time either sitting or standing mostly in the same place to meditate. It started off as no more than a wish not to rush through my walk — a route march as my wife would say — and take in all of nature's blessing.

Now, it's more deliberate but the technique, if you can call it that, has affected the way I meditate; namely, I now go through all my senses — smell, taste, seeing, touching and feelings/emotions — and calibrate those and take in all that my location offers. 

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