April 1st, 2020

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Getting our affairs in order

Photo by Mike Castro Demaria on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Castro Demaria on Unsplash

“Dying is active. Dying is not what happens to you. Dying is what you do.”
― Stephen Jenkinson, Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul

Once again, sleep eluded me.

I could have risen just after 3 am but I persevered and left it until just before 5 am.

This title and perhaps some of the text — it's difficult to remember now (5.41 am) — was idly, as I struggled to sleep, swimming around my head.

Sadly, it's a fairly foreboding title, but I imagine, if my sister-in-law's conversation with my wife is anything to go by (she's a solicitor who does Wills & Probate), that it's a fair reflection of what's happening in the UK right now: 

"...I'm busier than [I've] ever been."

And, surely, that's understandable?

No one wants to die without a Will or not having put their affairs in order?

As I said the other day on Twitter, I'm not afraid of dying — truly — but I do fear the consequences, leaving behind my wife to look after and raise our three children (23, 21 and 16). But this post, as much as I might like to rehearse, in a non-legal way, what you might or should consider doing, is tilted at something a little more obscure.

Oh, God, here he goes again...😌

My point is this (and hence the above quote from perhaps my all-time favourite book): we shouldn't have to think of our 'affairs' as what happens after we're gone. 

They're now. 

Right in this moment.

You know the drill. 

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