March 28th, 2020

speaker, coach, consultant


Yesterday, sometime during late morning, I felt an overwhelming need to lie flat on my back and look up. 

No, sadly, not at the sky: all I had to view was my white office ceiling.

I didn't close my eyes; I just lay there — no expectations, no or little thinking and, in that moment, I felt...deep love.

It didn't last, as I'd forgotten Alfie was sharing the office. Thinking, no doubt, what's he up to now, he promptly licked 🐶 my face and woke me up!

Why did I do it?

No reason.

Sure, it's a bit full on at the moment, trying to navigate some pretty choppy legal waters, but I knew I had to find a different place than my chair and desk.

Perhaps it's me — I can be a cynical old bugger at times — but too often what is spontaneous and perfectly natural gets wrapped up in another solution to whatever ails us.


I mean, we've been on that trip for so long and look where it's gotten us. No where. We're still as mixed up as we ever were.

Like I've said many times before, I much prefer a weighty question, one that can't be annihilated by 40 answers than I do some faux solution-based answer that never comes close, or not in my world, to dealing with the issue.

(As an aside, I was surprised yesterday that no one was prepared to offer up a or any answer to yesterday's question that I posited on LJ; namely, What does it mean to be human?) 

What am I trying to say?

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