March 14th, 2020

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“archery is still a matter of life and death to the extent that it is a contest of the archer with himself;”
Eugen Herrigel, Zen in the Art of Archery

Good morning from a slightly damp Devon. 

The birds have dialled it up, it's warm and I'm sat at the kitchen table bathed in the most exquisite light. And of course, I've got a cup of coffee, which I'm slowly sipping.

Normally, I'd have plans for the day or at least a number of things to do but not today. Of course I'll fill the day with a few chores — I might even do a bit of decorating — but I'm going to avoid, if at all possible, scanning Twitter and the news to check what's happening with the continuing spread and risk of Coronavirus. It's not that I'm disinterested or uncaring but, this week, I've spent too much time in that space and whilst I feel I'm better informed, there's no substitute (as churlish as it sounds) for a long walk, going to the beach, cooking, or simply lounging about at home reading a book. 

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