January 29th, 2020

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My blog

I've updated it.

If I'm able to raise the necessary funds for another year of hosting — it's around £200 — then I'll keep it. If not, it will go to the blogosphere in the sky.


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speaker, coach, consultant

It's all a mystery

It's so hackneyed: yesterday is gone; tomorrow is a mystery; and today is all you've got.

But, actually, this moment is all you've got and it's as rich and deeply mysterious as the projections and fantasies we give to the past and/or future.

To me (at least) the biggest ah-ha has been that every-thing is no more and no less than a moving, shifting, energetic experience — i.e. formless.

What it is, no one knows.

From that place of not knowing, I feel open to whatever happens — as Zorba said: the full catastrophe.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

speaker, coach, consultant

So beautiful

I hope I've not shared this already but this interview between Dr Robert Saltzman (who else right now?) and Joan Tollifson is so beautiful.


speaker, coach, consultant


thi s is i t.


another poem.


something to wake us up.

to what?

who knows
but it sure beats the beating heart
of (our) life
that means


no fucking thing