January 22nd, 2020

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Bonjour ☕

I've been awake since 4.11 am but got up at 5 am — before the alarm on my phone went off.

During that hour, I read "One Essence: The Nondual Clarity of an Ancient Zen Poem" by Robert Wolfe. It's beautiful; and I got (believe it or not) halfway through it.

The coffee (as you'd expect) is poured, and I'm sitting here with a hat on — yes, really — notwithstanding that the central heating appears to have been on ALL NIGHT!. (There's one advantage: the kitchen floor, which has underfloor heating, feels like warm coals on my bare feet — I never wear slippers.)

What's on today then?

More of the same?

Me too.

Same old, same old; but I'm not (honestly, Guv) complaining. In fact, I have no feelings for it.

It is what it is: a job. 

Yesterday, I made a wonderful connection on Twitter. The person concerned very graciously DM me to tell me my main blog was down. She was right. I then spent several hours trying to fix the problem. I hope I've managed to sort it but by god, if anyone had told me how useless hosting companies would turn out to be, I'd have self-hosted (if that's even possible, right...!).

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speaker, coach, consultant


I knew I was pushing my luck talking about the lack of work.

It's like buses.

One 57-page German contract and a whole raft of documents concerning a Polish tender.

I'll keep quiet 👄 next time.


speaker, coach, consultant

3 Things

What 3 things do you wish you could change?


1. To be able to sing.

2. To have appreciated (at the time) the love of my late grandparents and spent more time with them.

3. To have let go of the desire to be anything before I even got going 😂.

But of course, this is fantasy land.




Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

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