January 11th, 2020

The happening

“The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.”
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

This week, I've written a lot — more than usual — about true self.

You might think I'm promoting something.

I'm not. It's how I'm expressed: to express myself. 

If I'm honest, I've no idea why I'm enthralled with writing, recording a monologue and the occasional video. 

One day...well, I might not feel inclined.

What I'm pointing to comes from a non-dual perspective, and it's always offered for your consideration. Some people will be drawn to it. Others not. And either way is fine. 

I do know, from my own inner journey, that what I'm pointing to is very hard to grasp, but that's only because to the logical, thinking 'self' there is no-thing to grasp. If that sounds too ethereal think about it like this.

Everything changes.

It's all impermanent.

And that means it's impossible to describe the formless, particularly when the label doesn't ever describe the feeling, emotion or (apparent) physical thing. That's abstract I know but if you were looking at a cloud and saw a shape — i.e. a person's face — in the moment that you recognised it, it would be moving onto something else. I appreciate that elsewhere things move more slowly but they're still a formless, energetic expression; and words don't do it/them justice. They can't because they're trying to describe something that's indescribable. 

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We'll miss you ❤️

This is me with daughter #1, Evie.

She's just left to go back to London — mum took her whilst I was taking daughter #3 to her Saturday job.

Having returned from her Far East travels on 22 December 2019 — in time for a magical Christmas — she's returning to her old job in London, and thereafter she'll start her Masters in Architecture with a view to qualifying as an Architect in 2023 (fingers crossed).

We're all going to miss her soooo much 😭😭😭.

As I've said before, she brings a loving presence into the house; I'm not saying there's no tension between her and her two sisters but overall the mood is super chilled.

As I said to her in a WhatsApp message, just after I'd spoken to her (she was having a coffee before she boarded the train to Paddington), "your life awaits somewhere out there but not for now in Devon...". 

Of course, I can't possibly know that but from all that I've observed ever since she left school, it's not so much that she's a driven person but she's following her creative expression. I know she could have been a brilliant commercial artist but she chose, of her own volition, a different path (or was it always there?).

Anyhow, we'll see her in a month or so. In the meantime, she's got to find herself a flat in London. Previously, she was commuting from Oxford to Central London which was a three-hour round trip. This time it will be a shorter commute and that will make her life a lot easier. 

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Sorry, I know I've written already on the subject but I wanted to put it out there again how much being here means to me.

Thank you to everyone who has accepted my friending (I'm not sure of the correct term but I've followed you 'cos I like what you write about...) and for commenting on my various posts.

I've been around the social media/blogging track a few times and LJ is unique in terms of what it offers. I know it's not the best technically — it could learn a lot from Medium — but it does what it says on the tin.

I don't want to say how regularly I'll post or share material but I now spend at least an hour a day — if not more — trying to keep up with my messages, commenting on what people share and thinking what might be useful, interesting and inspiring to share.

Of course, if I'm doing it all wrong don't be afraid to call me out. I won't be offended, honest.

Big love, Ju