January 2nd, 2020

Sit, breathe, contemplate

It's a new year, and (I'm sure) there will arise a tendency to want to do.

And that's fine.

It's not like you can will yourself the opposite way, or at least not for long.

But, even if you do enter the whirling dervish zone, juxtaposed with living (never forget the gift of life), it's a good idea throughout your day to sit, breathe and contemplate.

This might sound like meditation. Possibly. But it's more a case of waking up all of you to what's here: an unformed, mysterious awareness of awareness.

Too abstract?

Close your eyes and try to think yourself not here.


No, seriously.

Try to imagine yourself not here.

You can't.

What do you sense in just sitting?

What arises?

I know, it's easy to talk yourself out this sort of exercise as being borderline solipsistic but then again, if you can make time — even 5 minutes — to sit, breathe and contemplate life, you might start to experience a detachment from your thoughts that have, up to now, held sway.

Then again you might not.

What happens, is what happens and that includes totally dismissing what I'm pointing to.

Which is?

Well, we're inclined to take life very seriously but only in a way where we take our cue from our thoughts. (I profoundly disagree with what Descartes said: "You are what you think.")

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the 1980s

It was the year I really discovered my love of music.

A few favourite artists:

Duran Duran
Adam Ant
Lisa Stansfield
Boy George
Jimmy Somerville
Grace Jones
UB 40
Hall & Oates
Joy Division
Bad Manners
Desmond Dekker
Bob Marley


If not then 1980s, then what?




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