December 30th, 2019

Look to your direct experience

I don't want to besmirch the entire personal development ("PD") industry, but (in case you hadn't noticed) there's no shortage of advice swimming around the vast ocean of knowledge (...not wisdom!) in an attempt to sell you on a personal brand that will turn your life around.

Heady stuff, right?

But then again, do you need to look anywhere to, inter alia, turn your life around, find happiness or find your purpose in life?

It's a big statement I know, but I don't think so.

I think, almost without exception, you already know 'life' well enough to secure all the aforementioned and so much more.

The problem is how you access the 'information' (or is it insight?). Or, better still, how you connect on a higher realm with a place where your logical, thinking self isn't in charge.

Who was it that said, "the unexamined life isn't worth living"? Socrates. Well, he was right. And I don't mean you rummage around in the exterior buckets hoping to find a shining light to swallow hook, line and sinker. But, instead, to ask the seminal question:

Who am I?

As I know only too well, it doesn't behove of an immediate let alone an obvious answer. Instead, if you go back through the source of your understanding (if you're lucky), you come to a place of not knowing. This isn't speculation. No, this has been reported across many philosophies and religions for aeons. 

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Last night, I went to bed at 8pm. I was then awake at 11.53pm — daughter #1 woke me up. I sleep (these days) on my own. Sadly, Mrs S's snoring (which she vehemently denies — I've taped evidence now 🙏) keeps me awake. I was then awake at 4.37am, and that was a good night. I don't know what it is at the moment but I'm waking up routinely at 2.11am. And then spending an hour before dosing off before the alarm goes off at 5am. 

Hey, what the hell. 

I'm here; I'm alive; and, right now, that's all that matters.

The sleep...?

It can wait.

Blessings and love,



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I've tried to search for a few of my interests — e.g. spirituality (it's more than an interest!), poetry and tiny houses — but without success.

I'm sure I must be doing something wrong.

Can anyone help to explain how I find people who I might then Friend with these or similar interests?

Thanks muchly.



Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

I miss you, Adrian

This is my late uncle, Adrian.

He died aged 44. 

It was sh*t then, and it's sh*t now.

People accuse me of being a bit of contrarian. I am. But I'm not as kick-ass as Adrian. 

He was a f* legend: he had long hair, wore a Kaftan coat and road a Suzuki GT 250cc. He didn't give a sh*t about anything save living life to the max.

I loved him like an elder brother, and I miss him like hell.

This is his daughter Sophie who's grown into an amazing woman and mum. He'd be so proud.

Bless you both.