December 29th, 2019

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“What day is it?” asked Pooh.
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
A.A. Milne

We're all plagued by it; namely, putting the important things off in favour of the trivial.

If it were otherwise, we wouldn't (now) find ourselves in such a mess. 

Of course, I'm spinning my point for effect, but think about it: if we really wanted to turn our lives around, the workplace and especially the earth, do you seriously think we'd not be on to it right here, right now, absent a moment's hesitation?

But then again, and at the risk of seriously undermining my thesis, we're not very serious people. I don't mean serious in the sense of taking certain aspects of our lives seriously — e.g. work, caring for others and doing good in the community — but, instead, to look at things from a different worldview and consider if our actions/inaction today will have any deleterious impact on the world seven generations to come. 

(The number is not arbitrary but comes from a wonderful talk by Mac Macartney entitled The Children's Fire.)

In my case, I know that I'm not doing enough and haven't been for a very long time.

Will that change?

It has to. 

Of course, it's one thing to say those words, another to act as if my life and millions of others depended on it; but if I'm able (inter alia) to dispense with my reliance on fossil fuels, go off grid and live fully off the land then that will, I hope, make some difference, particularly if replicated up and down the country. 

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speaker, consultant, coach

Is it possible?

It's been there for a while: the idea that one day soon I'll be able to go solo again, live off grid and use Patreon and other platforms to fund a minimalist life.

But then: I've got a family to think of — as my wife continually reminds me.

The problem she wants a house (which she says is also her home — a distinction without a difference in my humble opinion); I don't.

I want to start by going on the road, using my renewed legal practice as a freelance lawyer to initially fund our travels and then see where the wind blows.

Dreamy as hell I know and certainly it doesn't sit comfortably with my control-everything-at-all-cost approach to life but it's what is coming up right now.

Of course, I could suppress this nascent itch but, knowing me, that'll only make it grow stronger. Instead, I'm going to try and find a tiny house or equivalent (there is someone in my local village who does something similar), work on our finances to square them away and then double down on finding new clients to fund at least part of our lifestyle.

As to my writing, speaking and other paraphernalia that will also need to be part of my new Patreon et al. offering, I still haven't decided what that looks like but for sure, I'm going to have to be much richer in my offering. As much as I love what I'm doing it's not going to fund much.

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