December 28th, 2019

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It's over...


It's over, it's over, it's over

[Verse 1]

Summer came and passed away
Hardly seemed to last a day
But it's over, and what can I do?
Music playing in the air
Silence on a darkened stair
'Cause it's over, and what can I do?

The above is the intro and first verse of ELO's amazing song, "It's Over". It was written and produced by Jeff Lynne on 3 October 1977, the same year I returned with my parents from South Africa. It was also the year that the first Star Wars film was released — 27 December 1977. I would have been 10.

I don't know if you're a fan of ELO but it so represents my life right now. 

Everything's over...

And what can I do?

Nothing it appears but reminisce.

But we all know the past is the past.

Done. Finished. Gone.

Qua humans, we don't like this. Instead, we'd much rather rummage around in the boot of our past hoping (I assume) to learn from our errant ways, make ourselves feel better, say, with the passing of time or, perhaps, to reflect on something that made us feel icky but, now, just perhaps, we can (at least) come to terms with.

Then again, why bother?

It's over...

And, as the old saying goes, there is only now.

This moment.

Right here; right now.

And it's perfect until that is our stupid little Lizard and/or logical brain gets hold of it and turns it into another drama.

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I still don't understand how, as a kid, I ended up studying engineering.

It's the furthest thing from my soul.

Secretly, I knew it then as I know it now: creativity is me and I'm it.

Below, is my first poem on LJ.

Thanks for all the support.



life evaporates
and then, suddenly
appears as two.

if only
we'd drop the pretence
to be something.

but of course, the
stays affixed
mixed with our conditioned past
reverie, lust, despair:
not life
but death, forever
if we're not careful.

to escape
to come alive
is as easy
as it always was:
just to be here
not knowing
one = two
two = one.


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Dave Smith MBE

My good mate Dave Smith was recognised in the New Year's honours list for single-handedly saving his craft, reverse glass glazing.

This film tells you more about his work.

One talented, amazing dude.