December 19th, 2019

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True self

Despite holding down a full-time job, the urge to create and share (and make some money...🙏) has not diminished. 

Indeed, right now, I feel more alive to my (real) work than I have for a long time.

Yes, I know, that sounds awfully pretentious — my apologies — but, anyone looking in, would question why I continue to write, record and speak about true self — my sine qua non (actually it's not mine in an ownership sense but something that I'm inextricably drawn to).

To make sure that I don't waste time doing too many things, over the past few weeks I've deleted many old social media sites and started to clean up the sites that I will continue to use in 2020 including YouTube, Livejournal, Patreon and Mixcloud. As I've previously said, I should have done it back in 2016 but finding a job back in legal practice has distracted what would otherwise have been a more immersive, creative journey.

In time, I'll write an essay (no, not that type but something a little more enlivening 😀) where I'll once again set out my store on what exactly I'm offering both online and off. It's not rocket science. In essence, I want to share my love of life in all its manifestations and how, perhaps by way of insight or example, those people that are drawn to a non-dual or contemplative perspective might self-enquire why it seems impossible to quieten the Lizard Brain and forever live in the fog of not finding meaning with their work, life and everything else that shows up.

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speaker, coach, consultant


Alongside my Patreon page, I've set up a page on Buy Me A Coffee

It's akin to a donate button, and it's possible to make a small tip of between $1 to $5. 

I know it might look a bit cheeky but given I produce so much free content, I don't feel guilty about inviting people to consider making a one-off donation to support me in being able to continue to write, speak, record, and offer one-on-one coaching.

If you're a creator you too might consider it or the other platform I checked out, Ko-fi.