December 13th, 2019

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Life goes on

I'm staying away from the news. 

To be honest, despite the election result, I've seen and heard it all before.

I know that might sound blasé but life goes on. 


Put it this way, we might wish things one way or another, but that's as non-sensical as saying you'd like to change the cadence of our breath, the strength of your seeing, or your sense of smell. 

They (always) do what they do.

In other words, when we don't identify with our thoughts — always those damn thoughts — life flows as it flows.

Until tomorrow then.



PS. If it's all too much, then you may like to listen to the first few minutes of this song.

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A few snippets

As it's been such a long time since I wrote to LJ, I thought it helpful to give a quick update:


I've been an in-house lawyer since October 2016. I don't see me going back to private practice. I'm 52 years old and if I've any 'dream', it's to stop full-time work and become a freelance lawyer.


I'm still living in Devon. I've been here since 1992. I will move at some point but not until my youngest daughter completes her A-levels or goes off to University.


They're few. Reading, walking and cooking.

Daily routine

I have one; it starts with stretching and 30 minutes of meditation. I start work early, and go to bed a lot earlier than I used to.

Things to sort

My wife and I have accumulated a lot of debt. We need to pay it off in the next eight years if we stand any chance of not working beyond the age of 60. 

We also want to travel. We do too much talking. We just need to get on with it.

I'd like to see my parents. I don't have a relationship with them and that's been the case since I moved out aged 19. It's a long story and one that merits a much longer post.

I want to see more of my eldest daughter. She's travelling at the moment but will be back in time for Christmas. She'll return to London in early 2020 to complete her studies to qualify as an architect. I will make more of an effort to meet up in London.

To help my middle daughter with her law degree. 

To decorate our house, sell it and move somewhere more rural. I'd like to buy a cabin or tiny house.


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This afternoon's beautiful music.

I've cancelled Spotify, and see Mixcloud being much more important in 2020.

Do you have a favourite music platform?



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One thing I like about my current role is that I get to finish work at 3.30pm today (Friday). It makes a change, especially when, as in the past, working until 8pm was routine.

I'll go home, cook and take the dog out for a walk — even if it's raining (Alfie doesn't mind).

From there, I'll spend some time with Mrs A and daughter #3 before we all retire to bed. None of us have it in us to hit the sack much past 10pm; and, again, I think that's a good thing emotionally, physically and spiritually especially when, in my case, I'll be up again at 5am to sit, breathe and let the day slowly unfold with 30 minutes of silent meditation.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.