December 10th, 2019

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You know it all

You already know more than you'll ever need. Even if you think you're short on self-help, Google is never very far away. 

And when I say 'enough', I don't mean facts and figures; I mean, you know how to live all body, mind and spirit. 

Trouble is, you don't follow your heart — aka your instinct — and either give up because 'it' isn't working or you think there's a faster route to your chosen destination.

I accept you might not trust (always) to your gut but then again, when you start to question what's really going on you nearly always come to the point of saying:

Not knowing

Think about it (carefully). Are you your thoughts? Most people do — think they are their thoughts; and fall into the Descartes trap, namely, you are what you think.

But you're not: your everything that the Universe offers up and that means when you try to understand what's going, it's unfathomable. 

OK, perhaps this sort of language is hard to comprehend but if I asked you now to go to the source of your thoughts, I'd invite you to consider where exactly those thoughts arise from (or go to) and how is it you can't turn them one way or the other. At best you're aware of your thoughts but nothing more. 

And (I hear you say)?

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