November 20th, 2017

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There is only now

There's nothing wrong with dreaming. Nor, recreating the best bits of the past.

But when we live outwith the now, we miss so very much.

Mindfulness, walking or breath work are all wonderful tools in bringing us back to the now, but the truth is we don't need anything to remind us that NOW is all we've got.

You might ask why this message matters so much. It doesn't, at least to the majority of people.


Because they're scared to death that by reconnecting with the now, they might have to confront more than a few shadows. You know, like inviting the question: 

"Who am I?".

For me, I know that the more time I concentrate on anything but the now, the more (of life) I miss. 

How sad.

What about you?

Have you (yet) grasped the now? I should. No, really. Take a moment to reconnect with that wide open, delightful space. Who knows, it might wake you up sufficiently to realise how awesome is the life you've been gifted.


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speaker, coach, consultant

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