November 17th, 2017

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Looking for answers

“Life begins where fear ends.”

We're always looking for answers.

But we're (mostly if not exclusively) looking in the wrong place; namely, out there.

Fix this.

Buy that.

Drop this.

How about the Socractic process, i.e. within?

Look again at:

your beliefs

your memories

your thoughts

your thoughts. (No, it's not a typo.)

You can't fix them.

Unlikely you can alter them.

Very unlikely you can switch them off.

But. You can stop taking them as read, i.e. as true.

Phew, doesn't that feel better.

speaker, coach, consultant

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speaker, coach, consultant


We rarely embrace silence.

In fact, for many people they run in the opposite direction.

"Give me something to distract me."

But in deep silence we're present to what is. (No, not a place to zone out but to be at one with everything.)

As we enter another weekend remember that life is not lived out there but within. But if you can't hear your soul/heart, it's unlikely you'll connect with it.