December 28th, 2016

speaker, coach, consultant

My radio

I was lucky enough to be given a radio for Christmas -- a Roberts with digital capability. Of course, I could listen to things on my computer, but it never feels the same.

I grew up listening to the radio -- boxing was always a favourite -- and it feels wonderful to renew the connection.

PS. If I recall correctly Bukowski was a big fan of the radio; I wonder if any of his magic will rub off on me?
speaker, coach, consultant

Quiet time

Now is a good time to reflect on 2016.

What were the highs, the lows and the things that you wanted to change but didn't get around to?

I'm not big on goals and even less so NY resolutions -- they rarely change behaviour -- but one thing I've learnt from this year is the need to focus on fewer things.

Next year, as I've already explained, I'll be spending less time online, more time writing and I aim to rectify my distinct lack of planning towards my/our eventual retirement.

What few things do you hope to focus on for 2017?