September 30th, 2016

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Separate and apart

“Or, rather, let us be more simple and less vain.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I see it everywhere -- separation, detachment and me-ness (meanness too).

Community, love and inclusiveness. Why can't they be our touchstones?

I know, because our egos rule the world.

Yesterday, as I was driving back from a networking meeting, and watching all the cars racing down the local A-road, I thought, imagine if we had to go to work like bees or ants to build something or make something of value. It would start off well but, within a nanosecond, we'd all be doing our own thing because that's how we're hard-wired. Oh sure, there would be a few people in the group trying their level best to make it work but in the end they too would go their separate ways.

And I telling you something you don't already know?


And perhaps that's why all the talk of growth, economic prosperity and values is so empty when we can't see that absent a world of deep, ego-less connection we're doomed as a species.

Sorry, that's a dark spot to be but I can't see any other place for us.
speaker, coach, consultant

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