August 18th, 2016

My tweets

  • Wed, 12:52: Just seen the eldest off for another music festival. Just takes everything in her stride. I know she'll have a wonderful time.
  • Wed, 13:05: I'll keep saying it but business transformation is a people thing. The system in only part of the solution.
  • Wed, 16:27: Time for a walk with the pooches.
  • Wed, 16:31: Someone after my own heart.
  • Wed, 17:06: The fog has descended 🐕🐩
  • Wed, 17:57: The pooches will sleep well. The clan will be back tomorrow. Delayed by another trip to A&E for an injured cyclist. Not H but her friend.
  • Thu, 05:39: Erik W�llo - Quiet river via / I always start my day with music
  • Thu, 06:00: “By way of watching your mind, you will see life beyond a mere set of habits, emotions and beliefs.” ― Rajeev Kurapati
  • Thu, 07:19: True self - today's blog
  • Thu, 11:53: Cleaning up @evernote before getting down to the serious business of business development.
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