May 25th, 2016

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Wednesday, 25th May 2016 (part i)

Another early start, for another early networking event. I do understand why people want to start at 7.30am but it's not conducive to a work/life balance, unless you like getting up at 5am each day, and going to bed at 11pm.

I'll post something a bit later but, for now, my day has started with the usual scan of Feedly, a look at The Guardian and checking in on a few of my social media sites. I'll post something on Tumblr (a poem I've already written), record a podcast to Soundcloud and probably write something to LinkedIn. And, once I get back from work, I'll spend some further time on my long-overdue book.

I'm away this coming Bank Holiday weekend supporting my middle daughter Hetty at the North West (Junior) Tour -- bike racing to you and me. I've still to sort the accommodation, and pack, which I will start tonight and finish tomorrow. We'll travel up Friday afternoon to miss the traffic on Saturday morning. In any event, her first races starts in Morecambe at 1.30pm, and so it would be cutting it quite fine in any event.

Until laters then.

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My daily journal

I've just read a really good bio for gwendally. It makes mine look seriously crap.

Don't ask me why but I thought the more minimal the better. In hindsight, perhaps I should have opened up just a tad more. Again, work in progress. (You live and learn.)

Thanks gwendally.

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New bio

I've taken the plunge and updated mine.

This isn't a hint for you to look but it was refreshing to stand back and take a hard look at what I'm about and where I'm headed.