May 24th, 2015

The voice of mother earth

“When we must pay the true price for the depletion of nature’s gifts, materials will become more precious to us, and economic logic will reinforce, and not contradict, our heart’s desire to treat the world with reverence and, when we receive nature’s gifts, to use them well.-- Charles Eisenstein

We're overwhelmed with economic talk, which is predicated on mother earth continuing to give up her precious gifts.

But we all know where it will end. (The End...)

If we're to resile from our ceaseless onslaught, we need a voice for mother earth and all its amazing species?

But who will fill the vacuum?

It has to be you and me, doesn't it?

And what are we doing?

Nothing. A big fat nothing.

Of course we're negligent -- how else would you describe it -- but much like all the other big issues we've had to confront over the last 50 years, it's unlikely the case that one person will inspire us or change the lack of political will. If we want to see real change then we have to start changing our behaviour. In short, we've got to move away from the idea of ownership and move rapidly towards stewardship. Only then do we stand any chance of saving the planet.

Next time you're involved in a conversation which bears on your economic welfare, it's as well to remember that absent all those precious gifts, we so take for granted, that we would live a very different life.