May 6th, 2015

It's not about you

“The Real Self is dangerous: dangerous to the established church, dangerous to the state, dangerous to the crowd, dangerous to tradition, because once a man knows his real self, he becomes an individual.” -- Osho

It’s axiomatic that to be something you have to become someone ... but not at the expense of others.

We think that it’s out there -- more stuff -- but we know, deep down, that we’ll never truly come alive by building a fortress of materialism.

Before you start out on another trail to ensnare others to your point of view, ask yourself, Who Am I?

More than that does living a higher purpose life mean ‘Me First’?

If you think about people who’ve changed the world -- Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi -- I don’t suspect they started out with the notion of ‘what’s in it for me’ but instead how they could make their dent in the Universe.

I live my life by the Twin Trail -- that way I’ll never forget my place and impact on the World which I inhabit.

What about you?

How will you change the world?