April 26th, 2015

Our shadow self

"Every one of us is shadowed by an illusory person: a false self." -- Thomas Merton

Are you, you?

Fundamentally, are you living true to who you are -- your higher Self -- or are you living as two?

This isn't a hypothetical question, nor meant to be tendentious.

It cuts to our essence.

I've lived long enough to see so many people not realise their potential -- not half of it; in some cases, not any of it.

We need know that despite all the negative self-talk lurks our essence that doesn't need to pursue a slew of false gods.

What you are is right here.

Drop everything.
Strive for nothing.
Love everything.
Be everything.

And before you think this is something you can pursue, I can tell you it's anything but.

Trust me, as someone who's been striving for nirvana my entire life, it's only now that I appreciate what it means to live true to who we are.