March 11th, 2015

Today's podcast to Audioboom

South Brent Tor

Three days in a row -- hardly Earth-shattering I know -- but it shows what you can do if you just 'show up'. That said, I do question where the need/drive comes from to do something, anything when we could just as easily do nothing. I still question (not seriously...) why it is that I'm drawn to share my content (in whatever form), particularly when I'm no longer trying to grow an audience to flog it something or attract new clients. If anything, I think it's now part of who I am, or perhaps I've made it a habit by dint of turning up for 5+ years. In the final analysis, though, I do it because I enjoy it, and even though I'm not sure what the future holds for me online that won't stop me from sharing.

Have a great day.

Be Happy

I don't think that was the best of night's sleep I've ever had -- awake twice in the night, finally getting up at 05:37. Oh well, never mind.

During this fitful period (as per normal) I had many thoughts -- that bloody 'Monkey Mind' -- but the abiding one was to fall 100% into the moment. I did try, but it's much harder than you think.

When I did eventually get up, I immediately had Bobby McFerrin's song rushing through my head: Don't Worry Be Happy.

I think I'll leave it at that today.

I don't know

South Brent Tor

We're always grasping, searching and expecting that something will show up.

But just sometimes we have to fall so completely into the moment as to not know a single thing.

If we dont' find that place then we'll never find peace.