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February 28th, 2015

Drowning in a sea of unanswered questions

South Brent

The dominant narrative -- the capitalist ideal -- drowns everything out. As a result, so much is lost to us.

It’s axiomatic that life’s a journey, but that doesn’t mean we should live it as somnambulists.

In positing a few questions I feel are important, I’m not suggesting that we should immediately seek answers, but, at the very least, they might (or should?) inform our thinking, and understanding of our true role and place in the world.

  1. Who am I?

  2. What’s my purpose?

  3. Do I need one?

  4. What’s so safe about the status quo?

  5. What does it mean to live a higher purpose life?

  6. What is a higher purpose life?

  7. What is God?

  8. What does a life look like without faith?

  9. What does a life look like with faith?

  10. What is happiness?

  11. Can we ever attain it?

  12. If we could dispense with all conditioning, would we?

  13. What does success mean?

  14. Can we be successful when the world’s natural resources are being depleted and not being replenished?

  15. Why do we want to control everything?

  16. What is control?

  17. Are we our thoughts? (Do you believe your thoughts?)

  18. Why does simplicity hold so little allure?

  19. How do we live with the expectation of growth?

  20. Do we need money?

Of course, these are only a tiny selection of those available to you. But, if like me, you feel drawn to rewrite (in your own small way) the dominant narrative, it’s a start.

Music for a life of contemplation

Remember - Chillout Ambient Mix 13 by Dj.Jurag on Mixcloud

I've taken off the auto-play and put up a new mix.

Sorry if the previous version was a tad annoying.

But, again, how do you see music and contemplation?


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