August 27th, 2013

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Balance and Art

It's counterintuitive to think that, coming back from holiday, settling down to a routine would bring me solace, but that's exactly what I'm seeking.

For a good part of my holiday, I thought about how my life and that of my family would be different on our return. Not in a seismic way but to further the pursuit of a balanced life.

If nothing else, holidays are a great way of showing up how much of our effort is devoted to a few or not the right things. In my case, from a work perspective, I would say that I've been spending too much time consuming and not enough time creating art.

I know I've said it countless times before - even I'm bored of hearing myself say it - but I am more focused that ever on my creative effort and output. I suppose the single biggest difference is to recognise that what I love to do is not in the pursuit of some empty do this... get that routine but being fully self-expressed.

Between now until Christmas I have some clear production goals. And I intend to pursue them with all the vitality and passion I can muster.


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speaker, coach, consultant

Social Media Distraction

Sometimes, when I read a social media blog post or Whitepaper, I'm left feeling that (merely) adopting Twitter et al., plugging some noteworthy content and offering a bushel of free downloads will bring forth a new, awesome business.

Thankfully, I've yet to buy it hook, line and sinker!

For a start, most businesses aren't in the space: they have to profitably provide a product or deliver a service to a global, competitive market where the majority of people aren't bothered about your latest social media offering. For me, there is a risk that too many people believe the hype of social media and stop delivering on their promises. The smart folks work on the product/service first, second and third and only then do they seek to leverage their goodwill using social media methodologies.

Having recently spent time in Menorca with bars and restaurants aplenty, I didn't see a single Facebook 'like' or 'Follow Us on Twitter' sticker adorning a window display. What I do recall is those businesses that were busy as hell and those that were quiet. I didn't try them all but I was immediately drawn to the busy places and not the quiet ones. So what if I followed the crowd. They weren't wrong. I'm not saying that a review on Google Places or a few nice Tweets wouldn't have helped the 'bums on seats cause' but they would still have had to deliver.

I'm not asking that businesses row back from where they are with social media - the upside is way more powerful than going back to the dark days of zero information - but every business needs to understand that the quality of the product or the experience delivered is the sine qua non and that is where the focus should be every single day. In my experience, too few businesses truly set out to deliver on the WOW front. At best what you get is Ho Hum! Indeed, I can't remember the last time I had cause to brag about a product or service.

Before you think social media, think the World's best product or service.

How do you match up?

Get this 'bit' right and the social media component will look completely different and a lot easier than continuing to peddle the current bland crop of material.

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