February 24th, 2013

Moving forward

It is very easy to forget how far we have come.

And yet...

It never feels quite....


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What is enough?

Do we ever stop to ask?

Yes, we might acknowledge that we are 'lucky' (by comparison to who?), but yet that restless part of our conscience, just keeps on pushing.

It may seem at odds with the society that we live in but non striving ('ambition be gone') is far more difficult than you think.


Just imagine a place where you were settled, comfortable with now and willing to let go of all those images you had pursued in pursuit of more.

I'm not suggesting you go to sleep or act out your life in a way without recognition of your basic needs, but, just once in a while, it does help to stop, look inward and question if this life, pursued at such frantic pace, is truly the one that you meant to live out.

- JS

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