December 23rd, 2012


I can't decide whether having an inbuilt alarm clock is a good thing.

Without exception, I always wake up somewhere between 5.20am and 5.50am. Perhaps one day a week, my batteries might go flat and I sleep in beyond 6am (oh you Devil Julian!).

Some would say that I should try something different - going to bed earlier might be a start - but the truth is that I enjoy/love/cherish the time that I have to myself.

Like most families, we lead busy lives. Once the children get up (during the School week) it is full on: breakfast, sandwiches and looking for an assortment of clothes.

You will have seen me posting quotes this week. I have carefully selected these and made a purposeful point of posting them at the same time. I don't know if quotes are your thing, but, this time round, rather than being random, I have tried to be more purposeful in my choice. 

2013, as I have already said, is the year that I focus less on my social media output and more on my writing. That means that Twitter, Google+ and Facebook will get less of my time. If I'm not disciplined, they endlessly distract me. Emails I can cope with, but even there I need to keep my phone away from me to avoid the temptation to check them every 30 minutes or so.

I have been thinking about the place of my main writing platforms: my Blog, Tumblr and LiveJournal. These thoughts are not set in stone, but I think each one will come to define a different part of my persona:

My blog: social media, personal development and business related issues

Tumblr: poetry, prose and essays or short stories 

LiveJournal: a daily or regular update on what I am up to, how much time I have spent writing and other musings.

For my writing off of social media platforms, I now use Word and save everything to Skydrive. I was using Google Drive but I didn't like the lack of functionality.

I hope this explains a little bit more about my mornings. 


23 December 2012

We spent a wonderful day at Longleat Safari Park. It is 40 years since I was last there. I didn't really enjoy the wildlife park: the animals looked saddened by having to endure another car driving by without any interest in them. But the house was splendid. Having read the family tree, it was amazing to think that the lineage went back to 1215.

I enjoy Christmas but always struggle with the seize mentality where everyone loses their head, shopping with a sense of complete abandonment. 

For me Christmas is all about my family. Or to be precise my wife's family, who have always made it feel special. 

Having been to two funerals in the last month of people who died aged 50 and 46, I realise more than ever that every day is special and I intend to live this Christmas sucking up every single moment.

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