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Things I like:
  1. Sport
  2. Music
  3. Dartmoor
  4. The sea
  5. Stillness
  6. Smells (clean washing and coconut are my favourites)
  7. To see my kids laugh for no reason
  8. Books
  9. Pens
  10. Watches
  11. Fast cars
  12. Old films
  13. Coffee
  14. Poetry
  15. Wild animals 
Things I dislike:
  1. Dishonest people
  2. Cruelty
  3. Disease
  4. Poverty
  5. Fishing 
  6. Markets
  7. Clutter
  8. Politicians
  9. Butter beans
  10. Marmite
  11. Wasting time doing nothing
  12. Sitting down
  13. People who come to my door trying to sell me something (and that includes religion)
  14. Drunks
  15. Food which is prepared without love
OK, so I have tried a balanced view (and these are straightforward), but, as I get older, I feel I need to apologise less for my foibles ("moody bugger", says my wife), and do more of the things that I enjoy, and avoid the rest of the crap.

One thing that I continue to struggle with is why people insist on going through the motions. Why? And who the hell are they trying to please all the time? My wife is terrible for this. This has naff all to do with being selfish - me first and all that - but rather focusing on doing the stuff that brings us to life, and makes us lead a full life. Self-sacrifice is wonderful but in moderation. You might argue that most people couldn't give a damn, and I wouldn't disagree, but very often that means they have given up on life. I know this may sound contentious, but why do people eat them-self fat? It's like saying, I don't value my life (or anything) enough to stop eating. Of course, you might put up all sorts of medical explanations (valid or otherwise) but I think our need to have, and our abundance in the West is the reason. Just think back to the time after WWII. People couldn't afford the sort of food that we now take for granted, and a lot of it wasn't even available (perhaps I should put Supermarkets on my list).

Is there a point to this post?

Who the hells knows. But all I would encourage you to do is to consider and ideally write down the things that you like/dislike and spend more time on the former and Hey Presto, you might just lead a happier more contented life. 
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