jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,


Yesterday, I travelled up from Devon to London for a day of meetings.

Given the events of Wednesday afternoon, I could have chosen to cancel my trip, but I was damned if was going to be cowed into submission. Don't ask me why, but I felt the presence of my forebears and those people who went off to fight in the Second World War imbue in me a sense of "we'll never surrender".

As you'd expect the atmosphere, particularly near Westminster Bridge, was edgy but my sense was that Londoners and everyone visiting was in the same position as me: "Why should we stop our everyday business?".

My thoughts and prayers go out to those people who died -- and their families -- and I hope all those people in hospital make a full recovery, notwithstanding the very real pain and loss that they too will have to deal with.

I love my country for the fact that we're a tolerant, decent and right-minded society, and feel very sad that other people cannot see how much we've given to the world. Yes, we've made mistakes but violence is not the answer.

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