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Social media from the inside

Is social media part of who you are, or just another outlet for your sales-led offering? (Of course, there are no rules for social media, but, often, it's difficult to discern the real from the faux version of you.)

The thing is, whether it's risk or reward driven, too few people are prepared to open up much beyond the message of their brand, their company's and appear fixed on one thread.

What I'm getting at is that social media has been so completely corrupted by sales and marketing, it's now hard to know if someone really means what they say, or they're just saying it hoping to lead you inexorably down the garden path to another (sales) offering. Of course, some posts etc. are pretty damn obvious, but there's a lot of subtle spin, which makes me question the ethics of said person/company.

Social media should be led by who you are, not a pretend version or one hewn on the back of a sales number. It my sound trite, but I long for some original thought. And I don't mean the constant sniping, criticism or incessant chatter.

My advice:

Go back to the beginning.

Ask yourself, why you entered the space?

To sell?

To build relationships?

Or to be helpful?

Whatever the raison d'être, consider how much of what you are now doing bears on the original thinking.

Social media is limitless in its opportunities. And, if nothing else, that should inspire you to keep it real, authentic and to speak from the heart. If you don't find your voice then, chances are, you will find yourself lost in a sea of emptiness where you forever question why you wasted so much time for so little reward.

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