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The best social media advice ever

Show up!

That's it.

Talk after talk I wax lyrical about the power of connection, building something of lasting value and adding a new purpose-driven dimension to your business. I'm not sure what I'm expecting, but, most likely, it's for a few more people to jump into the fire and fail, measure, learn and try again.

And yet...

Most people rush off with a flurry of enthusiasm, shoot off a few Tweets or even write the occasional blog post, but in no time at all... nothing. Not a whisper.

The thing is showing up doesn't mean you have to develop a hyper-active proclivity. It means doing something.

Don't post any old rubbish - you still have to focus on producing insightful content that engages your audience - but doing something once a week and telling people wouldn't be a bad place to start.

For me, if something is a priority, then I have to strip away everything else and focus my energy in a way that produces a measurable output. I don't keep a diary of everything I do, but I have a pretty good sense when I've put in the effort.

If you're not laying something on the line, don't be surprised with the results. Likewise if you honestly feel that the ends don't justify the means, then go and do something else (with your life).

Stop lying to yourself that 'this' is for you.

Oh, and one last thing.

This is a life skill you're mastering.

If you're willing to commit and show up, just imagine what you could achieve.
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