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What's missing with social media?




A givers mind-set



Social media is not all about sales - yours or the host platforms (consider Instagram's latest move to offer us advertising).

It's about community. And to open up a space to share your love, passion and giving heart.

As we move closer to a new year, I don't see a whole lot changing. (People still seem disposed to bug for attention.) If anything there are a lot of people who have only now woken up the fact that there is something out there beyond the usual bushel of tired business tools, and are merely repeating what has gone before.

Heaven help us...

Now is the time to move beyond the edges of your message(s), and think more deeply than you ever thought possible. Despite what you may read, it won't be about value or context, it will be about changing lives.

If you have to go back to the social media drawing board then don't be afraid to do so. It will pay off in the long run. And the greater your work is imbued with the true version of you the better we will all be.

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