jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

One cold after another

I'm fed up blowing my nose; if I'm not careful, you'll be able to see me in the dark like one of Santa's famed reindeer.

But, seriously, I'm fed up dealing with a runny nose, not being able to taste my food and working through my fitful sleep, as I try to get on top of my shallow breathing.

I can't now remember when I got my first cold but it feels like it's been with me for nearly two months now.

I'd like to say that I'm on top of it but I'm not. In fact, just as I think I'm about to clear my head I'm struck down with another bout of the sneezes which is a sure sign that I'm in for another two weeks of misery.

Perhaps I'll have to take some vitamin C or eat more fresh fruit but I need to do something soon, as I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

Anyhow, how was your Christmas? Did you manage to polish off all the turkey and sprouts?

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