jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

the power of music

I have always loved the deep, soulful experience that I receive when I listen to music.

Some artists move me to tears (and that is rare indeed).

I have had a life-long love of music; my earliest memory is of Dave Brubeck that my father had on an old single, and which I played endlessly.

Nowadays, with all the live streaming and sites competing for attention it's harder and harder not to follow something mainstream. But I too often find that today's pop is a bad rip off of something from yesteryear - yes, I know it's an age thing.

Music is always played in our house, and my middle daughter, Hetty, likes to sing, which drives her Mum mad. I don't know what memories it will leave them with, but, if nothing else, I hope it will inform them more than just their listening tastes. I hope they take inspiration from those people who have stuck at something they love, and made a success of their careers.

Music is restrorative in so many ways. It brings me back to a sense of place like nothing else on this earth. It doesn't always work - sometimes I long for silence (so would you with three children!) - but it is the unexpected, the historical connection that is so inspiring.

One day I may take up an instrument (drums please) but for now I am going to continue my quest to listen to the most diverse range of new acts I can find. 

Music - I truly, deeply love you.

Tags: music

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