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The Perfect Blog Post

I don't know what a perfect blog post looks like.

Short, long, personal, keyword focused or long word specific or just plain weird.

If you subscribe to the usual array of formulaic 'do-this-don't-do-this' material, it's easy to be seduced into believing that there is a (faux) process that will bring about a rich stream of recognition.

Call me a gnarly old cynic, but I don't buy it.

Perhaps it is that as an ex-lawyer (y-a-w-n) I look for the message or as we lawyers say the ratio decidendi; but try as I might I really struggle to see what it's all about beyond the profit motif.

Let me be clear. In the old days blogging was a spiritual affair. People felt they had no choice but to share their love, passion, imagination or zest for the climb.

Nowadays - blogging has morphed into pseudo sales spin.

I hate it.

If someone has tweaked your interest or pulled your chain about blogging then my advice is simple.

Dig deep.

Write from the heart.

Ignore the haters and cynics.

And fall in love with what it is that you are trying to say.

As to length, volume of postings and style, you will find a rhythm that suits you.

The thing is if the content is brilliant it won't really matter if you decide to post every day. Indeed, I've been seduced into that mindset only to lose my mojo by dint of thinking who the hell cares what I have to say.

One other thing that you might want to bear in mind. Look ahead and ask yourself what six months' output might look like. Could it be turned into a manifesto or ebook?

There is no such thing as the perfect blog post.

But one thing is critical. If no one reads your blogging output, you're dead in the water.

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