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  • Wed, 16:25: Working on the business and not in it has never been more important.
  • Wed, 17:49: That time of day when you come home to see what "tidy" means to your kids.
  • Thu, 05:50: “Anxiety is the mark of spiritual insecurity.” ― Thomas Merton
  • Thu, 07:00: Connecting soul with role https://t.co/20LMewcln7 / today's post
  • Thu, 07:09: I love the early mornings.

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    Mon, 13:26: Does the word ‘normal’ have any meaning? Everything seems at odds with everything else. Tue, 06:00: "The individual has always…

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    Sun, 16:22: Hannah Arendt (Trailer) https://t.co/0ATendnqg9 / the best film I've watched this year. https://t.co/q3YGyPScw6 Sun, 18:19:…

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    Sat, 13:58: Sitting quietly and undisturbed listening to Portishead - Glory Box. Doesn't get much better. Sat, 16:59: OLD HANDS - Stephen…

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