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Think... like a social media artist

Blogging, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

These are my current weapons of choice.

They live in me.

The other social media platforms?

I'm not sure.

As a child, I grew into my art - pottery, collage and pen and ink. They were my true expression.

However, nearly every blog post I read on social media exhorts one bland thing or another. It's all pretty formulaic. Seth Godin apart, I can't recall the last time I read something that was inspired by more than doing more. I long for something special. Something where the person takes a risk. It could be a new format, a revolutionary message or something that is so far out there that it behoves us all to sit up and take notice.

Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places. Even Tumblr for all its diversity is overlaid with a multiplicity of blandness.

You may have seen the other day my share of this video on the making of hand-made globes. Not only is the film brilliant but so is the message; namely here is someone who is prepared to work on their art for the sake of their art.  I'm pretty sure that social media didn't come first.

Peter Bellerby - The Globemaker from Cabnine on Vimeo.

I beg you to think differently about what you are doing.

Don't look left and right for inspiration.

Look inside.

Create art.

The rest will happen by itself.

Don't forget that social media is still in its infancy but you can't expect to make it big if all you do is take out your cookie cutter and repeat what everyone else appears is doing.

And this message applies to me as much as to you.I don't think I'm anywhere near my creative limit.

I hope you too can unleash your creative genius.

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