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So much content so little passion

I'm on a roll. Not to berate social media for the sake of it, but, instead, to highlight the risk that companies face in continuing down the road of content marketing absent something more than great gobs of dull, yawn-worthy stuff being dumped on their audience.

In short, you will see no return and, over the long haul, the company brand will be irreparably damaged.

It was bound to happen but more and more websites now house the ubiquitous social media buttons - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram holding sway. Previously that would have been enough for me to enquire further, much further. There was a novelty factor.

But now...?

A quick time-line review soon sorts out the also-rans from those that are intent on making a ruckus.

When I talk about making a ruckus, I mean more than spewing forth vacuous, sales-led content. I mean crafting the most amazing content possible that has the potential to change lives. I know this sounds over the top but I'm deadly serious. Without the necessary intent the Lizard brain will take hold and push you back to safety mode. Get it right, and there is a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

I recall, early in my blogging career, talking about hiring a few (writing) weirdoes to produce content. I got no reaction!

However, let's assume you aren't ready to throw caution to the wind and give over your company's content to some unknown writer(s), you need to ask yourself the serious question, namely do you write with a passionate heart or from the elbow?

When I talk about passion, I'm not talking about something to the fill space. I mean something that pisses you off, brings you to tears, makes you laugh out loud or you feel compelled to air to the widest possible audience (within the bounds of decency!).

There is, of course, a lot more to the content conundrum than writing with passion but it sits close to the top of the hierarchy of success. Get it right and the execution will follow without the usual writer's friction.

Next time you sit down to discuss or craft your next piece, ask yourself if your heart is in it, or if you're simply going through the motions, again.

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