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Balance and Art

It's counterintuitive to think that, coming back from holiday, settling down to a routine would bring me solace, but that's exactly what I'm seeking.

For a good part of my holiday, I thought about how my life and that of my family would be different on our return. Not in a seismic way but to further the pursuit of a balanced life.

If nothing else, holidays are a great way of showing up how much of our effort is devoted to a few or not the right things. In my case, from a work perspective, I would say that I've been spending too much time consuming and not enough time creating art.

I know I've said it countless times before - even I'm bored of hearing myself say it - but I am more focused that ever on my creative effort and output. I suppose the single biggest difference is to recognise that what I love to do is not in the pursuit of some empty do this... get that routine but being fully self-expressed.

Between now until Christmas I have some clear production goals. And I intend to pursue them with all the vitality and passion I can muster.


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