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  • Thu, 18:58: Adele - When We Were Young (Live at The Church Studios) https://t.co/0Z6MbOH3eO / who gets 158M views? WOW, love this.
  • Thu, 19:12: Spoke to my best mate who told me of the death of a mutual friend aged 52. Neither of us knew he was terminally ill. Not good. Not good.
  • Thu, 19:14: It's not just times like this that reminds me of my mortality but it serves as message to us all to make the most of the time we have left.
  • Thu, 19:17: You can see why the world of e-commerce has killed the high street. It's easy, it works and it doesn't try to sell you things you don't need
  • Thu, 19:19: Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video) https://t.co/MwhrqN9GXq / this is for you @fsummerhayes15. One of my fav films.
  • Thu, 19:22: I don't say this lightly, but having read @fred_laloux book, everything in the world of business/work/law, looks 100% different.
  • Thu, 19:36: @InsolLawMan Hell, yeah! The man with the amazing voice and so much talent is on the Twitter money. Hi Mike.
  • Thu, 20:36: @JamesTwigger you on @Snapchat?