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  • Sun, 11:56: Do you fancy meeting up @SchumacherColl to talk about Teal organisations (see the work of @fred_laloux)? Great synergy with your courses
  • Sun, 11:58: Immersed in the world of legal services to once again (*fingers crossed*) shine a light on the people first riff I started in 2010.

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    Sun, 14:29: A morning spent in the garden. Good to get some mud on my hands and feel the cold. Sun, 18:03: Music is in my bones. London…

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    Thu, 12:18: I don't know why I bother organising the cushions on the sofa when the dog throws them all on the floor. #guiltyascharged

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    Sun, 12:59: Meet the new breed of cabinet minister – too rubbish to fail | Sonia Sodha https://t.co/X1IIyNnCuz Sun, 14:41: Food poverty…

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