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No more than a blog

I could be utterly wrong, but why do you need to focus on anything other than a blog to make your dent in the Universe?

For a while, I've espoused the need to maintain no more than five social media platforms; but perhaps I've got it wrong.

For me, having followed numerous (social media) people for the last few years, I don't see a whole host of original content. My suspicion is that if they had fewer platforms to play around with, they would have to make more of what they had. In particular, they might have to consider something more original than commentating on what is trending or making headlines elsewhere.

From a personal perspective, I'm probably stretched too thin, but I've been focused enough to know when enough is enough. I have, for instance, not adopted Vine, Path or Quora (I have an account but don't use it). Also, some platforms, like Google+, get increasingly less of my attention.

I remain convinced that blogging combined with audio and video is the way forward. In short, to think like a publisher.

Perhaps now is the time to go back to basics, focus and ask yourself what is it that you expect to get out of social media.

More is not better. It's just more.

Below is my Soundcloud recording where I expand on this topic in greater detail.

In summary, go look at your content and ask yourself how much of it is suitable for a blog. If you don't have one then try Wordpress, Livejournal, Typepad, Blogger or Tumblr. They are all excellent platforms that give you the connection that you are seeking.


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