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  • Sun, 15:30: Back home. Still time for a quick ride for the old man around my favourite loop 😎
  • Mon, 05:47: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu
  • Mon, 05:49: Steve Winwood - Horizon https://t.co/4QawLkgect / deep bliss
  • Mon, 08:40: This morning's walk #deepbliss https://t.co/Nxd6zgm0Fe
  • Mon, 10:13: Back up and running on Skype; the world is my oyster.
  • Mon, 10:14: My skype id if you want to connect is really quite simple: juliansummerhayes
  • Mon, 10:17: I wonder how many companies have a strategy called 'listen to the customer'? If they do, quite a few have a long way to go.
  • Mon, 10:23: The pictures on LinkedIn (where they exist!) are so out of date.
  • Mon, 10:26: I don't get this Superfood thing. Eating healthily doesn't mean shipping food from half-way round the world. Local is best. Period.
  • Mon, 10:27: When I reflect on the audio books I've listened to over the past 6 years, there's more than a theme. It's like the unfolding of my life.
  • Mon, 10:29: Starting a movement. There's a big space in that market.
  • Mon, 10:31: If work is meant to lift us up spiritually, emotionally and intellectually then don't be surprised if it starts with you, not the Company.
  • Mon, 10:38: When does ambition die?
  • Mon, 11:04: I'm enjoying the stories on Instagram. @rollingherenow please keep sharing. So nice to see you in person too.
  • Mon, 11:32: Q. What is the role of human resources? A. To unlock the potential of every person in the organisation.
  • Mon, 11:55: Didn't expect to find a typo on the @sra_solicitors website. Let's hope it's a one off given it's importance to the profession.

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