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  • Thu, 16:13: What to Eat Whilst Training and Racing as a Vegan Cyclist https://t.co/YKh0LH53Qt
  • Thu, 16:20: 'Parenting from the inside out'. A wonderful application of the #threeprinciples. Anyone fancy a live Hangout or FB live on the topic?
  • Thu, 16:39: Hancock's Half Hour: The Blood Donor, Part 1 https://t.co/PbWFM5XMwp / one for you @martinsummerhay
  • Thu, 17:50: Really enjoying now the new feed from @instagram. I wasn't sure to start with. Great for daily audio visual blogging.
  • Thu, 18:31: If only I could sing. The feeling and emotion is there but I sound awful. On the other hand @fsummerhayes15 has the most amazing voice.
  • Thu, 18:31: Listening to @KygoMusic tonight. #bliss
  • Fri, 05:16: “Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears.” ― Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram
  • Fri, 05:25: I think lists in Twitter are the only sure way to keep on top of things (I'm back to working on mine!).
  • Fri, 05:26: Thanks to a dear friend, and someone I greatly respect, I've at last found a way to hold myself to account on a key project. #result
  • Fri, 05:27: One last thing, although I'm very, very late to the party, I now get the whole @SlackHQ thing. A great platform to aid my coaching work.

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