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Time marches on

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”Rainer Maria Rilke

I write this from my small home office at just after 5.30am. That may not mean much but since moving house on 8 July, we’ve had no wifi. (It’s been a blessing and a curse.) This now means: (a) I can write when I like, (b) I can determine how I write without looking over my shoulder at work, and (c) most of all, I can make more of what seriously floats and un-floats my boat -- look out world! It also means I can crack on with my stagnant (at least for now) book(s). (Thanks to Charles Bukowski I now know that whatever I write doesn’t always have to be polished, positioned or pruned to the nth degree.)

Oops, I nearly forgot...

This will be my last day of working for said law firm in Torquay, who, as you know, have ‘dispensed’ with my services...albeit that I’m paid for a month or so. I’m not yet in panic mode but I’m on the case shall we say both to find new employment and kickstart my previously nascent coaching, consulting and speaking practice. If you know anyone who needs a slightly older-than-most, and not yet jaded management ‘expert’, then I’m your man.

Of course, there’s a lot more I could be saying about the last 18 months, but, for now, I’ll keep my powder well and truly dry. In time, though, I’ll share a few of my musings on what it’s been like to go from lawyer to social media consultant to CEO -- it feels like quite a journey, even if on paper it looks nothing of the sort!

As to my interests and things I propose to share, they haven’t changed but writing about them will. What do I mean? I mean in the past, certainly on my main blog, I’ve not written about the mass of things that have a hold of me. Here’s a short, short list (in no particular order of importance):

  1. God;

  2. Nature -- or more particularly how we’ve screwed it up good and proper;

  3. Inequality;

  4. Why work is and should be more than work -- there’s a link with 1; namely, work should be a way to get in touch with something much bigger than us (i.e. our egoic self). The work of Matthew Fox I’m sure will feature at some point as well as some of my other inspirational types;

  5. Poetry;

  6. Writing;

  7. Creativity;

  8. Being vegan;

  9. Politics;

  10. Class;

  11. Sport;

  12. Money;

  13. Money (yes, it’s that important; my ‘beef’’ is the massive inequalities that now exist -- see 3);

  14. People;

  15. Relationships -- I’m pretty crap in this department;

  16. Love;

  17. Love (again I repeat myself by dint of its import);

  18. Operant conditioning -- we are not our thoughts;

  19. Why are we here? -- see 1;

  20. And pretty much everything else that tugs on my emotional heart strings.

I accept that that looks like a very long list, and something tells me, given my age (nearly 50), I’ll do well to write much if anything on at least some of them. But as I keep saying to myself -- mainly to my inner critic -- just because something’s impossible doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it (thanks Parker J. Palmer for that one).

Anyhow, that’ll do for now.

PS. I hope I’m still writing in the next 12 months either here or elsewhere. Don’t ask me why, but I have this thought that continues to drag on me that to be a writer or poet or anything mildly creative doesn’t mean you have to share any of it online despite what those social media 'Gurus' would have us all believe -- whoops, hold the cynicism Julian after all that was you not that long ago.

PPS. As they say, onwards, forever onwards.


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